Helping people heal has been a lifelong passion. As a young girl, seeing anyone suffer was
extremely painful for me. My father was a doctor, my mother a nurse. I grew up with my
dad’s office as part of our home. Our dinner table conversations were about the suffering of
people in our community. My continuous exposure to medicine influenced my calling in life,
my pursuit of knowledge and a desire to understand what health was all about. Some of the
questions that have motivated me are:

a. Why do people become ill while others remain healthy despite the same circumstances?
b. Why do some people have a hard time healing?
c. What makes people get sick?
d. What helps a person heal?
e. What is the meaning of illness?

These whys and whats have motivated me to search for answers for 40 years. Patients who
haven’t been able to get better have further motivated me to study the art of healing. My
desire is to help people unfold their own healing journey. Asking yourself the following
questions below will help you create your own healing journey.

I have been influenced by the works of many books and authors, some of my favorites are
“The Healing Power of Illness” by Thorwald Dethlefsen and Rudiger Dahlke, MD, “Energy
Medicine” by Donna Eden and David Feinstein, and “Anatomy of the Spirit” and the
subsequent books by Carolyn Myss, as well as “Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton. There are many fabulous books available on health, but I’ve yet to find many books which write about the consciousness of healing. My motivation to deeply explore this understanding of healing
that has been motivated by my patients. The reason being, that by the time someone comes to
my office, they’ve read their share of books, they’ve seen multiple doctors, but health has
continued to elude them. Why? Patients will have followed certain dietary regiments;
exercised, taken supplements and herbs but frequently they are still symptomatic and can’t
figure out why they haven’t healed.

What I always wanted to discover is “the truth in healing”. What is healing? What is health? The standard definition is that health is being free of disease. I feel that it is so much more. Healing may lead to good health, but not necessarily. Healing is an inner action, health is an outward manifestation that is possible. I’ve been with people who have healed inwardly, but life has taken its toll and they aren’t “healthy” in a conventional sense. Sometimes people look outwardly “healthy” but inwardly they are suffering.

Being free of disease only takes into account the perspective of the physical body and a psychological view the mind. But what about the spirit? We are a body, mind, and spirit complex. There is no separation between these aspects of us.

What I’ve come to believe is that through the grace of God, through our active participation, through our karma we create our lives and hence our health.

My philosophy has been cultivated through my spiritual path, Eckankar. I’ve learned through years of spiritual study to see life through my spiritual eyes and listen closely to the inner whisperings of Soul and my inner guides, the Eck Masters.

Our health is a reflection of our state of consciousness. It is a choice but it’s also a part of our agreement with God. Illness isn’t bad. Illness is a pathway to a means. It’s a means to an end. That end is unique to each individual. As long as the means is meaningful, illness will hold its course.

When people come to see me for help with their health, I ask them what their health goals are. I ask them to tell me how they would like to feel, what would their life be like, what would be different if they were healthy. What does healing mean to them. I believe if they can imagine it, they can create it, God willing. The one understanding before beginning your healing journey is this: Disease cannot be healed with the same consciousness with which the disease was created. The big question is: What is the consciousness you will need to embody in order to heal? Healing will embody the following Twelve Tenets:

Twelve Tenets
1. Healing is about our loving relationship with God.
2. Healing is about self-love and honoring all that you are.
3. Healing is about listening and following inner guidance.
4. Healing is about gratitude and appreciation for the lessons of the illness.
5. Healing is about asking for and accepting the gift of health.
6. Healing is about letting go of the illness.
7. Healing is about holding steadfastly the vision of the healed body.
8. Healing is about surrendering to God.
9. Healing is about giving and receiving love; forgiving and blessing.
10. Healing is about opening up and shifting to a new state of consciousness.
11. Healing is about acceptance of all that presents itself.
12. Healing is about understanding the purpose of the illness.

As you can see, none of the above tenets have anything to do with a special diet, or an exercise program. None of the above is ever discussed in most doctors’ offices, even in a holistic practitioner’s office. Yet I find these tenets essential elements for healing.