Take the time for healing, rejuvenation, reflection and change at The Stone Health Center in Lolo, Montana. Nestled in the Bitterroot Mountains, high above the valley floor, exists an oasis of peace and serenity at The Stone Health Center. Full assessment and sessions are targeted towards lasting change and create the opportunity most want from a wide scope holistic practice.

This is an opportunity to address the deeper energetic and emotional shifts that you may be wanting to evolve.  Your time with Susan is about change.  Change that you’ve been wanting, goals that you want to achieve.  Disease or imbalances exist within a certain state of consciousness.  In order to heal, you need to create a new state of consciousness.  Disease or imbalances cannot be healed with the same state of consciousness with which they were created.  You have the opportunity to change your consciousness to change your life.  Your time with Susan can include evaluations of your diet and nutritional needs, physical assessment, therapeutic body work and support for you to make emotional and mental shifts.  Your goals are all that matters!

What is included:  
A well-appointed private room and full bath. Kitchenette, Living Room
and private walk-out entrance. Meals are optional and can be arranged.

Retreat packages are designed to cater to your needs and
can include meals, lodging and sessions or simpler versions.
Please call to design the Montana retreat you’ve always dreamed of.
Call Susan: (508) 497-8888